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Award-winning Doula Placement Agency & Consultancy

Serving Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas, many of our services such as our Pediatric Sleep Specialty Services and our Postpartum Depression Support Services are provided globally via FaceTime, Skype, Phone and Email.

At Dream Team Doulas, we believe deeply in the importance of having competent, trustworthy postpartum support during the magically transformational yet physically taxing time of new parenthood.

Our highly trained Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists provide nurturing, nonjudgmental, hands-on postpartum care allowing each family to gently transition into this incredible new chapter.

Our team of professionals are certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid, their experience and backgrounds are scrupulously vetted and many of our doulas have extensive experience in providing breastfeeding support and in helping babies establish healthy sleep habits.

Benson Family Testimonial

In addition to providing exceptional postpartum support since 2006, Dream Team Doulas has also become a trusted expert in the field of helping babies to naturally develop healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. Our gentle, attachment based Pediatric Sleep Specialty Services provide a completely tailored approach based upon your unique child’s sleep needs and developmental ability. We recognize that one size does not fit all, or rather, one sleep schedule does not work for all children. Our specialized approach is evident in that we also support multiple sleeping arrangements from family bedding to safe cosleeping to independent sleeping in the nursery.

No matter your location, we can assist you over Skype, FaceTime, phone, email or even after a flight into Austin. We are here to walk hand in hand with you every step of the way.

DR. Pejman Katiraei TESTIMONIAL

Our commitment to the family’s wellbeing doesn’t end with phenomenal postpartum care and help establishing exceptional sleep habits. No. Our expertise also lies in providing deeply personal support through the oftentimes isolating and very real hardship of perinatal mood disorders such as the temporary baby blues to the more lasting struggle of postpartum depression.

Shannon Hernandez, Founder of Dream Team Doulas, not only experienced first hand the debilitation of postpartum depression but also the journey of recovery and healing. Her personal experience, coupled with her years of coaching others through perinatal mood challenges has given her a profound gift to help those in need.

Lilah H. Testimonial

Whether your family needs our help in finding the best postpartum doula for you and your family, or you need our expertise in helping your child, and thereby yourself, get the sleep you all need, or you find that you need additional support processing and navigating the feelings of the baby blues or even postpartum depression, we are your village.


Postpartum Doula Placement


Feeling “called” to this work, our Postpartum Doulas have special empathy in their hearts for the sacred feminine art of creation during pregnancy and mothering after birth. Our Postpartum Doulas believe in a parent’s ability to care for their child while also understanding the challenges of the recovery process and the overwhelm of new parenthood. By accessing each parent’s intuition for raising children and helping them to foster their instincts by providing compassionate guidance, traditional wisdom and best-in-class practices, we empower families to thrive.

In addition to creating an environment for truly restorative recovery from birth, our team of professionals focus on helping baby to gently adjust to the fourth trimester outside of the womb. These first few months are a time for mother and baby to settle into many important “firsts”, such as breastfeeding, if that is a goal, aiding baby through the often-times challenging aspects of new digestion to shaping shifting sleep routines as baby “wakes up” to their new surroundings. Our Postpartum Doulas support families in navigating the magical and mysterious first few months after birth.

Our standards for a successful doula placement are based upon the family internalizing strong feelings of confidence, encouragement, spiritual and physical nourishment along with gaining valuable techniques for caring for their new baby.

Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.

— Ina May Gaskin

Central Texas Doula Association

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas

Dream Team Doulas is a current member of Central Texas Doula Association and Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas.

Why Dream Team Doulas?


Our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that our extensive experience in the industry has made Dream Team Doulas the most capable choice to conduct the important legwork of matching a highly qualified and compatible doula for your unique family. While preparing for the unbelievably special time of having a new baby, we want our clients to be able to relax and enjoy their pregnancy, not stress and worry about sifting through resumes, references and credentials finding that proverbial needle in the haystack.

Screening Process

We take very seriously the sensitive nature of who comes into our client’s home during such a sacred time and who is helping care for your newborn baby. This is why our doula candidate screening process is thorough and extensive.

While we have been working with many of our doulas for years, when we do bring on a new doula, the candidate must first complete a comprehensive vetting process. We conduct two interviews, one by phone and the other either in person or over Skype/FaceTime. We speak with a minimum of three references and oftentimes we even speak with more, so that we may fully understand not only the doula’s experience but also who they are as a person – their personality, values and style. We require each doula to be certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid and to carry their own Personal Liability Insurance. Additionally, many of the doulas that we represent have successfully completed Dream Team Doulas’ own 30 hour Professional Postpartum Doula Training with Shannon Hernandez, Founder of Dream Team Doulas, giving us an even more in-depth opportunity to get to know the doula.


In order to engage Dream Team Doulas to find the perfect Postpartum Doula for our client and their family, we require a nominal non refundable fee to begin our placement search. We then conduct an intake over the phone to listen to your preferences, advise you on all of your questions and help determine your needs and goals, ultimately leading to Dream Team Doulas providing you with three wonderfully qualified candidates for you to interview that meet your budget, professional preferences and schedule.

Once a candidate has been selected, then the doula will provide the client with her own postpartum doula contract and she will take a deposit to reflect that she is committed and not accepting any other jobs that would pose a time conflict.


Pediatric Sleep Consulting


We believe that working with a child as a unique individual, customizing our approach, always results in the best success. Our approach is to first carefully observe the child’s physical and emotional ability and need, based on age, temperament and individual sleep history.

Any time we are trying to learn something new, stress is counterproductive to internalizing new concepts. This is one reason why we do not use any kind of Cry It Out method. In contrast, we teach through a language that the child can understand using empathy, sensory associations, natural biological rhythms and nutrition, thereby thoroughly supporting them through the practice of gaining self soothing skills that will ultimately help the child become an independent sleeper

Whether you have a family bed or your child is in their own room, we can help. We also provide support through the inevitable developmental and situational regressions that accompany life.

Consulting Packages

Quick Fixes

For our clients who have a specific and more isolated sleep situation with which they need help, then working together in hourly blocks as needed can be preferable. For example, clients who currently have a sleep plan in place but need a bit more help implementing or adjusting an aspect of it or who have questions around shifting to or from daylight savings or who will be traveling across time zones. These are just a few examples where we have found that ad hoc phone support is highly successful.

We will set up a time to talk by phone, FaceTime or Skype that is convenient for your schedule and we will send you a New Client Form to be completed 24 hours prior to our call. Our hourly fee is $150.00 and we require a retainer of $50.00 prior to our call which covers our minimum 20 minute phone support increment. We will then invoice you for any additional time that you use in 20 minute increments.

Phone, FaceTime or Skype Consultation with Two Weeks of Follow-up Phone Support

We will set up a time to talk by phone, FaceTime or Skype that is convenient for your schedule and we will send you a New Client Form to be completed 24 hours prior to our call. We will spend about 45 minutes to an hour having a thorough conversation about your child’s current sleep and your immediate goals, addressing questions, providing information on best practices for healthy sleep and beginning to formulate a plan to address your child’s sleep issues based on your child’s sleep needs and your parenting philosophies.

Upon reviewing and analyzing all of the information we gathered during our intake, we will send you a sleep plan for you to implement. You will receive your custom sleep plan usually within 24 hours but no later than 48 hours after our initial intake consultation.

Usually families need a little reassurance or additional information around questions that arise while implementing our sleep plan. Since follow-up support is such an important component to your success, we set aside 20 minutes per day for 14 days for you to call and/or text following our initial consultation. And we strongly encourage you to please call us daily for support as you are implementing the plan. We are a team and we care greatly about us working together towards achieving your goals for healthy sleep for your child.

The fee for this package is $675.00 and includes the intake, sleep plan and 14 days of 20 minutes per day of follow-up support for one child. An additional $425.00 can be applied for another sibling.

While it is not generally necessary, if you would like additional support at the end of our initial consulting engagement outlined above, then our services are retained in hourly blocks at $125 which is discounted from $150 per hour for those whom we have worked together as explained above. The hour block does not need to be used all at once. Rather it can be used in 20 minute increments. The hourly discount applies to the child we consulted about and is to be used within 4 months of our consulting start date.

In-Home Overnight Consultation

For some families they really prefer to have us come into their home and work directly with them and their child of which we are also happy to do. We will set up a time to talk by phone, FaceTime or Skype that is convenient for your schedule and we will send you a New Client Form to be completed 24 hours prior to our call. On our call we will spend about 45 minutes to an hour having a thorough conversation about your child’s current sleep and your immediate goals. Once we arrive at your home for our overnight consultation we assess specifics such as the entire sleeping environment, sleep time routines, schedule and your child’s temperament, needs and abilities. We also spend time establishing a connection with your child to build familiarity and trust. We guide and lead through example implementing our customized sleep plan for your child or we can work solely with your child while you catch up on a good night’s sleep. We find that this type of support can be especially helpful for our clients who are struggling with the baby blues, postpartum depression or chronic sleep deprivation.

While continuing to implement our sleep work once we leave your home, it is not uncommon for families to want a little reassurance or additional information around questions that arise. Since follow-up support is such an important component to your success, we provide ongoing phone and text support for 14 days as you continue to implement the plan. We are a team and we care greatly about us working together towards achieving your goals for healthy sleep for your child.

The fee for our in-home overnight consultation is based on the number of nights, the number of hours each night and if travel is required.

Payment and Scheduling

Once you have decided how you would like to work with us on establishing healthier sleep skills for your child(ren), or if you need our help with determining the best way to achieve your goals, complete our Client Inquiry Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a tentative intake meeting. We will also simultaneously send you our New Client Form and an invoice for our services. Once we receive your completed New Client Form and payment, then your intake meeting will be confirmed.


Postpartum Depression Support


The transformation of Self during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, we know, is not always easy. As a matter of fact, the company’s founder, Shannon, intimately knows how difficult it can be, both as a trained postpartum depression professional but especially through her own personal experience with postpartum depression.

Her past struggle, following the birth of each of her three children, has given her profound insight and empathy which fuels her drive to help others who are going through what she fought so hard to get through.

“There’s nothing more painful that I have survived. Feelings of guilt, disappointment and fear can be all-consuming even with medications and medical support. Because of my passion to help heal these issues I moved from doulaing birth to support during the postpartum period. My intimate knowledge that stems from personal experience and professional training has allowed me to support parents in a profound and special way.

Though I can not always be in the home next to you, I can still very effectively offer my soft and gentle guidance through the times of hardship. I’m accessible through skype and phone calls to walk you through your journey of struggle towards the light of recovery. I offer practical solutions to implement within the home, consulting with loved ones so they can better support you, providing referrals for additionally valuable resources and to hold a sacred place for you as you emerge from your birthing and postpartum experience by listening and nurturing. Whether you have the common baby blues the first few weeks, diagnosed postpartum mood disorder or are simply overwhelmed with parenthood I am here to help center and walk you through your healing journey.”

–Shannon Hernandez



Postpartum Doula Training

Dream Team Doulas has been mentoring Doulas in continuing education for over a decade. Our experience has enabled us to understand what constitutes the highest standard of postpartum doula care. We took that wisdom and created the Dream Team Doulas Postpartum Doula Training, a three day intensive course for those interested in starting a professional career as a Postpartum Doula. Our training graduates top notch industry recognized Postpartum Doulas following the international standard of care.

Childbirth Education

Shannon Hernandez is a trained child birth educator offering child birth preparation classes in the privacy of your home as well as in her private studio. She works with expectant parents including sorogate and adoptive. She will teach you what to expect during and after the arrival of your child complete with birth and postpartum planning.

Postpartum Depression Support Group

We hold a sacred, safe and supportive space for those suffering from perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression and anxiety. Get connected to the many resources available in your area and pull strength from each other through the struggle to recovery.

Prenatal Class

Everything you need to know and what to prepare for as a new parent is provided to expectant parents such as breastfeeding preparedness, what to expect when bringing baby home, newborn care, soothing techniques, how to create your birth plan and an overview on post birth support and care to ensure a smooth transition after delivery.


Shannon Hernandez

Shannon Hernandez, a mother of three, has been helping families in maternal health since 1997 as a Birth Doula and then as a Postpartum Doula since 2004 before founding Dream Team Doulas in 2006. Over the course of her career she has assisted hundreds of families through the birthing and postpartum process. Her special gifts of empathy and spiritual communication coupled with her uncanny ability to sense others physical and emotional needs have been the cornerstone of years of success.

Her extraordinary service to each family has resulted in her becoming a leader in the maternal health industry, growing one of the most reputable consulting practices specializing in all areas that are of concern to parents, including healthy sleep habits, infant and mother lactation, colic, postpartum depression, multiples, parent-child bonding and effective methods of parenting young children.

In addition to consulting for parents, as President and Founder of Dream Team Doulas, Shannon is responsible for evaluating the standard of care and service given by the Doulas that she places. Each Doula has been chosen by Shannon based on their specific qualifications and she holds each member to the highest standards of care.

During her free time, Shannon is passionate about giving back to the communities she serves as a Childbirth Educator who does pro bono work teaching childbirth classes to teen mothers.


Expertise - Best Doulas in LA 2017 / 2018

The Expertise team looked at 789 Doulas serving Los Angeles and picked the top 19. They conduct a manual review, and do not allow paid placement, in order to maintain the integrity and accuracy of their selections. We’re so proud to be included!

Out Came the Sun

Out Came the Sun is the story of a family’s journey through Postpartum Depression. The mother, Vanessa Benson, poignantly shares her confusion and shame after the birth of her second child as she battled with PPD, and offers hope to others who may be suffering with this disorder. As Vanessa Benson's doulas

, we feel honored to have participated in her journey, and ultimately her success in overcoming PPD.

When the Bough Breaks

Dream Team Doulas’ own Shannon Pinkerton appears in the new documentary film (narrated by Brooke Shields) “When the Bough Breaks”, lending her expertise on maternal support and family stability.



We are exceedingly proud of all the parents that have found success through our guidance. We are here to help and to serve. When parents succeed, we succeed.

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