Child Development Services


Julianna Taillon

Behavior Specialist Services

  • Behavior modification for 2-18 yr olds through positive reinforcement and the token economy
  • Behavioral evaluations and assessments
  • Preventative parenting measures
  • Positive parenting techniques
  • Implementing parental boundaries and guidelines
  • How to work together as parents
  • Divorce and the child’s emotional wellbeing
  • Fostering lifelong parent/child attachments
  • Eliminating unwanted behaviors and increasing compliance with house rules
  • Develop a structured environment for parent and child
  • Age appropriate consequences
  • Conflict resolution



Dream Team Doulas Behavior Specialist
Ms. Julianna Taillon

Her mission is to empower Parents to use the skills she provides to help create a peaceful and loving home environment that cultivates a positive parent-child relationship. This relationship is the primary attachment and sets the foundation for all future relationships in the child’s lifetime. Investing in this foundation is priceless and is the pinnacle of every individual’s success and happiness in all arenas of life. Implementing specific parenting techniques, especially in the first five years, creates a lower level of stress for both the parent and child. She also empowers the parents of older children and teens by helping them connect to one another and eliminate negative behaviors.

Julianna is a valuable asset to our team and brings a wealth of knowledge and education to our business. She has earned her Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on the severely and persistently mentally ill from USC, and a Bachelors degree from Cal State Fullerton in Human Services. Both programs provide substantial training in human behavior and relationship building.

Her work with children ages 0 – 18 spans over the last eight years. Julianna’s experience and expertise with implementing behavior modification plans began in 2004 with the Orange County Health Care Agency. Since that time, she has continued to develop her skillset by earning her Bachelors and Masters, and is currently working as a therapist for children. Julianna’s professional knowledge enables Dream Team Doulas to provide a full spectrum of infant and childhood development education through out the first five years of life outside our scope of postpartum services. Julianna has been instrumental in the more complex parental coaching clients and Shannon is able to refer clients to Julianna for additional needed support and education.

Julianna’s experience within the social work field is invaluable in providing Dream Team Doulas support in our adoption services. Her professional experiences with children, adolescents and trauma play an important role in the unique situation of loss for our birth mothers.



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