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Westside Nannies- LA County

Westside Nannies believes that every family deserves an amazing nanny. Known for their excellent matchmaking skills, white glove approach to customer service, and commitment to ethical business practices, Westside Nannies is often referred to as the crème de la crème of domestic placement agencies nationwide where clients have access to the industry's top candidates, expert advice, and ongoing support. Westside Nannies places part-time and full-time nannies, temporary nannies, and family assistants.  Please visit Westside Nannies' website at


The Heirloom Company- Orange County

Have you ever heard the phrase "It takes one to know one?". At The Heirloom Company we believe that it takes the eye of a great nanny to truly understand what another great nanny looks like. That's why the company was created!

Because The Heirloom Company was started and run by a former nanny, we have special insight into the ins and outs of nanny culture, as well as a deep understanding of the time and energy that goes into finding the perfect nanny. Your family is unique and therefore, needs a nanny or mother’s helper that is unique in the same way. Our process is designed to thoroughly understand your needs and wants. After all, the smallest detail is sometimes the most important.

Let us make your life a little easier by putting our time and energy into finding the best match, while you spend yours on life with your little ones.



in home


in home


both in home or via Skype/email/phone

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