The Dream Team Doulas Philosophy

We recognize that the right start with your baby makes such a difference in your ability to parent long term. We give parents practical advice, current information/research & skills proven effective by the most respected sources. We are available weekly or monthly by contract, and hourly for consulting on specific needs for you and your child.

Our goal is to empower parents to make them as confident and functional as possible and independent of us. We teach parents the valuable skills we have learned from over 20 years of combined experiences; providing parents with knowledge and power to use these skills long after we are gone.

We pride ourselves in customized care as there are never two parents OR babies alike.  Our experienced team is familiar with all parenting styles and we don't have any agenda. The gift of empathy, combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience, enables us to help new parents "find their parenting style" by assessing each individual life style and needs before making the appropriate suggestions.

DREAM TEAM DOULAS know that a child's developmental stages change dramatically during the first five years of life,  which is why we are always available for consultations beyond the time transition of new parenthood, continuing throughout the first five years.

We have expertise in not only the physical demands of birth and postpartum, but the emotional and hormonal demands.  After childbirth, a women's hormones jump hundreds of points, enabling them to have an extreme and overwelming sense of awareness for their child.  We, as certified doulas, have been trained how to explain these emotional rollercoasters and assure new mothers that they will taper down, even out, and eventually disappear. It is also common for the birth mother to experience engorgement from an unwanted milk supply 3-7 days postpartum, even if she has had no contact with the baby or nipple stimulation. This is a painful reminder that her baby is not with her. DREAM TEAM DOULAS are trained to help with this lactation issue as well.

DREAM TEAM DOULAS contracts and guarantees services even if your baby comes late or early.  We specialize in twins, and have developed many practical skills to help parents face challenges that are unique to parents of multiples. 


Doulas of North America, member of DASC, member of CAPPA, CPR and first aid certified by the American Red Cross for infants, children and adults.


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