Shannon Pinkerton

Shannon, a mother of three beautiful children, has been helping mothers in maternal health since 1997 as a birth Doula and was trained as a postpartum Doula in 2004 before becoming the founder of Dream Team Doulas in 2006.

 She has assisted hundreds of families over the past thirteen years through the birthing and postpartum process.  Shannon is a Childbirth Educator who does  pro bono work within her community by teaching Child Birth classes to teen mothers. She has also acted as a liaison between birth and adoptive parents through the adoption process by providing birth and postpartum support. 

After over a decade of private in home service, working with postpartum experts and becoming a leader in her field, Shannon has started consulting in all areas that are of concern to parents from infant and mother lactation, soothing colic and healthy sleep patterns to potty training, sleep issues, postpartum depression, multiples and effective methods of parenting young children.

Shannon also specializes in parent-child bonding and communication between the new Mother/Father and infant. 

As the founder of Dream Team Doulas, Shannon is in charge of evaluating the standard of care and service given by Dream Team Doulas. She has created a business plan that holds each member to the highest standards of care and provides back up support and direction to all team members. Each team member has been chosen by Shannon based on their specific skill set and qualifications that meet the vision of Dream Team Doulas.

Shannon has created the team's valuable reputation based on her extensive personal relationships with well known doctors, healthcare providers and within community networks. Her special gifts of empathy, spiritual communication and unique ability to sense others physical and emotional needs have been the cornerstone of the Dream Team Doulas years of success.

Shannon has started writing her first book with her experience in birth, postpartum and child rearing as she continues to mentor and teach new doulas.


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in home


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