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The Following are testimonies from recent clients who hired The Dream Team Doulas.

In addition to recommendations of our past clients, we are also personally recommended by Jennifer Levinson of JENSLIST.com, DR. Eliot Berlin, DC with Berlin Wellness Group, Dr. Alyssa Berlin, psyD and many other respected obgyns, postpartum mental health care professionals and pediatricians in the LA and Orange county areas.

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My husband called the Dream Team in the midst of our chaos. I was experiencing postpartum depression, and I had just started seeking help. I was scared, overwhelmed and exhausted. The first day when they walked in, they gave me a hug, this was the first point when I started to believe everything might be ok again. The Dream Team took such good care not only of my baby but me as well, she was an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and an inspiration for hope. She was so sweet with my baby that I could finally rest at night knowing my baby had outstanding care. I wish I had known about the dream team before I had a baby; it would have spared me a lot of heartache and sleepless nights. It is a great investment in yourself and your relationship with your spouse and children. I found that if I could sleep at night I was functional for not only my baby but also my 2.5 year old little guy. I highly recommend this amazing team of women who turned my chaos into calm.

Vanessa B.


I had twins in early December 2009. It was my second time giving birth, so I thought I could handle things on my own. I was wrong!! A close friend recommended The Dream Team Doulas. I had never heard of a Doula before nor did I really know what to expect. It was the most AMAZING experience. Not only due to what they taught me, but those women were this big ray of beautiful sunlight and the warmest cuddly blanket you can imagine wrapping yourself in- all at once. She understood where I was coming from and she helped me to deal with all of the conflicting emotions, along with major sleep deprivation. I can never thank The Dream Team enough for getting me through that very difficult, yet wonderful time in my life. I would HIGHLY recommend their services, not only for new moms but moms who have gone through child birth before.

Julie K.


I Hired The Dream Team Doulas over the other 7 people I interviewed for two reasons, my gut told me they were trust worthy and I got their name from more than one person with glowing reviews. I was very tempted to hire some of the other night nurses we interviewed based on price alone, but went with my gut as there are some things worth paying more for. I thank God I did.

The three ladies that make up this team seem more like angels than human beings. I HAD NO IDEA how hard on my wife and myself this adventure of parenthood would be. Our twins came home at just under 5 lb. 4 weeks early. I was scared to touch them let alone change a diaper, though these ladies could have easily capitalized on our fear, they advocated our involvement and stood by us. While we bathed them for the first time (empowering us as parents), they were there to take over the dreaded night shifts so my wife and I could bond un-sleep deprived with the babies during the day without anyone breaking those sacred moments of us staring at our most spectacular creations. After a few days of breastfeeding and hormone shifts my wife would start crying for no apparent reason….

Thank God she had the doulas, she called them- even if they were off duty- and they dropped everything to walk her through why she was emotional and normalized it for her (I was useless in this regard). The Dream Team Doulas slowly weaned themselves away leaving us with babies who not only slept through the night but gained those coveted first few pounds. They set us up with an efficient schedule and customized it to fit our needs. They also helped us combine both of our parenting styles into one. We have since used them for consulting in our parenting challenges as our babies grow and change. In short, these ladies were sent from the gods to help new frightened parents find their way and advocate parental confidence. I would have gladly paid double for their services and in fact I do now for consulting. If you are lucky enough to find them available BOOK THEM.

Simon F.


I called The Dream Team when my 6 week old baby was having sleep trouble. I couldn’t afford to have them come stay the night but they gave me the option to pay for consulting by the hour. It was like reading every sleep book on the market and having it all make sense even with the contradictions. My baby girl slept 10 hours a night by four months old after only a few hours of consulting. The thing I liked best about her approach was that she took my parenting style and my lifestyle into consideration when she put together my plan. She paid very close attention to my baby and looked at her like an individual. The Dream Team continues to help me when my baby changes sleep patterns and always makes me feel like I have support in my corner. I look forward to the day they write a book- but until then, I have them on speed dial.

Jennifer W.


From the moment the Ladies came to my home for an interview my fear and anxiety faded. I was astonished at how much they knew! I am highly educated but had no idea how little I knew and would need to know to bring my baby home. I had complete confidence in all the advice they gave me and soon realized they answered all the questions I had the same way my pediatrician did. It’s like they have PhD’s in baby care and lactation. I know it sounds silly, but NO ONE told me just how much information I would need to have to properly breast feed /pump, let alone all the other demands.

I hired The Dream team to help me during the day, and soon had them coming for “recovery nights”. They work together as a team to afford this flexibility to the clients they help, and they had no minimum amount of nights a week; they required simply just what “I needed”. I was and am so grateful I never had to experience the complete wrath of sleep deprivation due to my “recovery nights”. I was exclusively breast feeding but they set up my pump right next to my bed and softly woke me 20 min before the feed. I was able to roll over and go back to sleep while my doula fed changed and put my babies back to sleep. This resulted in 3.5 extra hours of sleep a night, and it may not seem like a lot- but it is if you're waking up every 2-3 hours around the clock for weeks after a c section you're trying to recover from.

I truly felt they ALWAYS had my babies and my best interest in mind and they treated me like a dear friend, not just a business transaction. I felt they truly loved my baby, and I slept well knowing she was in good hands. Words cannot express how highly I recommend them. The Dream Team has been the smartest investment I have made so far for my little Family.

Suzanne T.


The name of this company says it all... Wendy is a dream! She has a truly special gift. From the moment she entered our home, there was an immediate trust and comfort knowing someone was here to help, and we felt immediately confident handing over our new little one for the night to get some much needed sleep. Wendy was not only amazing with our newborn, she was so attentive to me, making me feel special and loved. She was very communicative, even in her off days, calling to check in and see how we were doing. She is full of information and readily shared tips that we didn't even think about, and we are not even first time parents! I can not recommend this team enough. It made a world of difference having the Dream Team in our home, and we still miss them every day!

Jody F.


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